Customize Aluminum Foil Empty Coffee Capsules

The aluminum foil coffee capsules used for filling coffee powder are Aikou's core and highest-tech products. Since the development of coffee capsules compatible with the Nespresso system began in 2014, we have successfully overcome one technical challenge after another, ultimately creating a product with perfect compatibility.

We collaborate with numerous ground coffee manufacturers, supplying empty foil coffee capsules compatible with the Nespresso system, helping them expand into new markets. Throughout our extensive partnership, we continuously research and improve our products, achieving higher quality while reducing costs.

In addition to Nespresso system compatibility, we also provide capsules compatible with other well-known coffee capsule machine systems. At Aikou, you can also request us to customize unique aluminum foil coffee capsules according to your needs. With our years of experience and expertise, we can offer you the best advice and solutions.

Highly Customize

brand logo printing on lid

Brand Promotion

You can print your logo on the lid and the capsule body for better brand promotion.

Attractive Appreance

We offer multiple color options and various unique patterns, and you can customize your own ones to show your brand.

suit for any systems

Suit For Any Systems

Except for the empty foil coffee capsules compatible with the Nespresso system, we also provide the other system ones. You can also ask our team to customize a mold according to your marketing strategies.

Advanced Technology

Small and seemingly simple coffee capsules actually contain many easily overlooked technical issues. For instance, the sealability of the sealing foil lid, the stress range on the capsule edges, how to perfectly print the brand logo on the capsule body, and more. Ordinary distributors are unable to address these problems, which is why many coffee manufacturers eventually turn to Aikou for solutions.

safe coffee powder filling


Safety assurance should be the most critical concern in the food processing industry. All of Aikou's aluminum foil products are made from food-grade materials and produced and packaged in a GMP-compliant, dust-free workshop, providing a reliable safety guarantee. Furthermore, our aluminum foil coffee capsules are completely flavorless and will not affect the taste of the coffee powder in any way.

fit for regular coffee capsule machine


For ground coffee manufacturers, capsule compatibility is crucial. It's not just about compatibility with the end users' coffee machines, but it's most important to match the automatic filling production lines. Since each customer uses different filling machines, our professional team actively provides the best solutions to ensure higher production efficiency and yield rate.


To ensure safety and airtightness, we offer aluminum foil lids that match the capsules. These lids are also a result of Aikou's efforts. They provide excellent sealing, preserving the flavor of coffee over an extended period and resisting interference from external air, moisture, light, and odors. Additionally, they can be pierced perfectly by the coffee capsule machines, making the extracted coffee flow smoothly and creating an enticing cream.

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