How Disposable Foil Containers Used For Food Packaging

Aikou's disposable foil containers are made from food-grade material, have better strength, appreance and heat retention capacity. That make it become a new food package with a highly cost effective, and applicated in board fields.

Takeaway Food Packaging

Saving food is a virtue. As a restaurant operator, you should always be prepared to provide disposable food containers for your customers to take their leftovers home conveniently. Aikou's high-end and elegant disposable aluminum foil containers make this behavior more decent, and there is no need to try covering up.

Disposable foil containers are also suitable for packing takeaway foods such as sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, fried chicken, cakes, and more. Compared to traditional silver aluminum foil trays, paper boxes, and plastic containers, the new foil food package boxes offer greater strength, preventing accidental crushing and damage to the food. Even if eating on the road, these containers can be held more steadily in your customers' hands.

Food Delivery Service

With the advancement of Internet services, ordering food on your phone has become increasingly convenient and popular. However, in the long and bumpy ride of delivery, food is prone to being squeezed or losing its optimal flavor due to time, leading to customers giving it a 1-star rating.

Aikou's new foil food packaging container can address these issues. Thicker walls provide higher strength, preventing the container from easily deforming. The heat-sealed foil boxes offer excellent sealing, locking in the flavor of the food and preventing leaks. Additionally, if needed, they can be equipped with lids with breathable pores, allowing air circulation so the food won't be over-braised. Not to mention their attractive appearance that can delight consumers; earning 5-star reviews becomes easier!

Meals Preparation

In situations where food needs to be prepared for a large number of people, such as school events, large gatherings, airline meals, and so on, you may meet a challenge - even using paper food boxes with waterproof coatings, they can still become soggy and soft if left for an extended period.

This issue can be avoided by using disposable foil food trays. They are naturally waterproof, and their excellent sealing performance prevents steam from infiltrating and affecting the food. Their sturdy construction allows them to be stacked more compactly in food warmers, maximizing the available space.

Shelf Selling

For food ingredient wholesalers distributing their products in supermarkets and grocery stores, Aikou's smooth-wall foil containers would be an excellent packaging choice. The use of food-grade materials ensures food safety, and the outstanding insulation and waterproof properties of aluminum foil allow items like fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, and pre-made meals to have a longer shelf life in the refrigerated section.

Through the transparent plastic lids, consumers can better pick the products. Furthermore, under the shelf lights, the reflective quality of the metallic foil trays adds a captivating shine to the ingredients, stimulating consumers' purchasing desire.

Sale Separately

Aikou's disposable aluminum foil packaging containers are also suitable for sale separately as kitchen supplies in supermarkets, grocery stores, or online shops. We can offer custom packaging with prints to align with the distributor's marketing strategy if needed.

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