Ways To Process Food With Disposable Foil Containers

Thanks to their excellent heat and cold resistance and sturdy construction, Aikou's disposable aluminum foil containers not only serve the purpose of packaging food but can also be used as cookware directly. For restaurant and bakery operators, this can significantly reduce cleaning costs and simplify workflow.


Using Aikou's disposable foil containers for directly baking desserts is a new option for bakeries. Our foil containers can withstand heating in an oven at temperatures ranging from 180-250°C for up to 1 hour, with even heating that prevents cakes from being partially burnt. They don't need a baking tray to stand on; you can fully replace traditional paper liners with them.

Compared to traditional paper liners, disposable aluminum foil baking cups provide better protection for cakes and can double as sales packaging when covered with lids. Their vibrant colors with a metallic sheen are more appealing to consumers.

Besides making cupcakes, our other aluminum foil food containers are also oven-friendly. You can use disposable foil trays in different shapes and sizes to bake pies, lasagna, casseroles, pizza, spaghetti, and more. Additionally, these foil trays are well-suited for use in air fryers.

Naked Fire Heating

Aikou's disposable foil food containers can withstand naked fire heating. You can place them directly on a barbecue grill, gas stove, or alcohol lamp, replacing the baking sheets or pots. The disposable property of these items allows for quick disposal after enjoying your meal, without the worry of cleaning up, making them ideal for picnics, takeaway food packaging, and even for serving guests directly in restaurants. The food-grade materials provide safety assurance; they won't release any harmful substances during the heating process or any odors that might affect the food's flavor.

Check the notes about naked fire heating.

foil container on naked fire heating
foil tray in microwave heating

Microwave Heating

Traditional aluminum foil trays can lead to disastrous results when heated in the microwave oven. The exciting news is that Aikou's new disposable foil containers are microwaveable. There's no need to transfer food to a microwave-safe plate as before. Now, simply remove the lid and place the food and the foil container together in the microwave for reheating. Check the notes about heating in a microwave oven.

Induction Cooker And Ceramic Cooktop Heating

Just like other metal cookware, Aikou's new disposable foil containers can also used for induction cooker and ceramic cooktop heating.

Check the notes about heating in an induction cooker and ceramic cooktop.

disposable foil container on ceramic cooktop heating
foil container freezing in the refrigerator


Aikou's disposable foil containers are also suitable for use in the refrigerator. Their excellent sealing and waterproof properties help preserve the freshness and flavor of food better in a cold storage environment. They are also ideal molds for making frozen foods, such as ice cream, chocolate, frozen cheesecakes, and more.

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