Disposable Aluminum Foil Heat Sealing Containers

For many years, Aikou has kept a tight coopertated with many processed-food and pet food factories, supplied them disposable foil heat sealing boxes. The rich experience helps us be well acquainted with most automatic filling production line, relative technical expertises and solutions. So when we meeting the customers who is seeking for cooperation, we can always provide the best and professional service.

Some restaurant operators also purchase foil heat sealing containers in bulk from us for their takeaway food packaging service. Indeed, the heat sealing lid provides a better sealability and heat retention performence than the plastic lid. We also offer the matched sealing machine if requires.


Regular Styles

final products uses

Final Products Uses

Customize Styles

Outstanding Features

Safety Assurance

Aikou's heat sealing foil boxes are made from food-grade safe materials and are produced and packaged in a dust-free workshop compliant with GMP standards, ensuring ample assurance of food packaging safety. The new aluminum foil material exhibits outstanding heat and cold resistance, remaining relatively stable within a temperature range of -25°C to 250°C, without releasing any harmful substances.

low cost than traditional metal cans

Low Cost

Compared to traditional metal cans, aluminum foil heat sealing food packaging boxes offer an obvious cost advantage. Therefore, for canned foods with less stringent requirements regarding shelf life and the environment, heat sealing foil boxes are an ideal cost-effective alternative. At Aikou, through continuous research and expanding production lines, we can provide you with the most affordable quotes even within the industry.

excellent sealability avoid leaking

Excellent Sealability

These aluminum foil boxes are sealed by a simple, quick, and cost-effective heat-press method. While this method may not match traditional cans in terms of impact resistance, it excels in sealability. Outstanding sealing capabilities keep food from air, odors, and light, preserving the freshness and flavor of the food. Another feature of these heat-sealed aluminum foil boxes is that their lids can be easily torn open, eliminating the risk of being finger-cut by the sharp metal lids found on traditional cans.

heat-sealing container - heat retention capacity

Heat Retention Capacity

The exceptional sealability also leads to excellent heat retention effects. For takeaway foods that can easily lose their flavor due to temperature variations, using heat sealing foil boxes for packaging is ideal than using foil containers with plastic lids.

cold storage available

Cold Storage Available

Heat sealing aluminum foil boxes are ideal for packaging food and storing it in the refrigerator. Their excellent sealing prevents moisture from the refrigerator's air and the influence of odors from other foods.

direct heating safe

Can Be Used Directly In Cooking

After tearing open the lid, you can confidently place the food, along with the container, in the microwave or oven for heating. This is an unparalleled advantage compared to other canned food packaging materials like plastic and iron. With the growing popularity of prepared foods with longer shelf lives in China, Aikou's heat-sealed foil boxes have the potential to become a mainstream packaging choice in the future.

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disposable foil heat sealing container for canned food

Canned Foods

The most common use of heat sealing foil containers is as an alternative packaging for canned foods. You can find suitable models in our extensive catalog without replacing your existing automated filling production line. Alternatively, you can contact us to customize an appropriate style. Our years of collaboration with multiple food processing companies have given us the experience to provide you with the most professional service.

disposable foil heat sealing container for takeaway food packaging

Food Packaging

As a restaurant operator, you can also use heat-sealed foil boxes for delivery service and to-go food packaging. Especially for dishes with much soup and sauces, their outstanding sealing performance can prevent leaks more effectively and maintain the food stay at the best tasting temperature.

sample packaging

Sample Packaging

In addition to food, Aikou's heat-sealed aluminum foil boxes are also suitable for packaging other products. Particularly for personal care products such as skincare creams, essences, etc., some of our customers ever customized mini heat sealing foil containers with their brand logos printed for sample packaging, as gifts to boost customer engagement.

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