Use Heat Sealing Containers For Pre-made Food Packaging

For pre-made food products such as canned goods, bento, or even sauces for takeaway food, choosing the right packaging to keep the freshness and flavor while meeting safety, environmental, and cost-efficiency requirements has always been challenging for food processing manufacturers. Here, Aikou's disposable heat sealing foil boxes provide an ideal solution.

Pre-made Food

For pre-made meals like bento, heat-sealed foil containers are a more ideal choice compared to plastic food boxes. The higher sealing capacity and body strength better preserve the dishes and their flavors. The variety of heating methods available makes it more convenient to reheat.

You don't need a large-scale production line like pre-made food factories to use our heat-sealed foil packaging containers. For restaurant operators, simple heat-sealing machines can be used for packaging takeout food. For dishes with much sauce and soup, such as pasta, Tom Yum Gong, and noodles, the strong sealing capacity of the heat-sealed foil containers can better withstand the long and bumpy delivery journey.

Canned Food

An increasing number of canned food manufacturers, especially pet food producers, are turning to Aikou's heat sealing foil containers to replace the old-style metal or tin cans. Unless there is a requirement for extremely high storage conditions, the heat sealing foil container offers nearly identical sealing and freshness performance. More importantly, they come at a much lower cost compared to traditional metal cans. Considering that pet food and general canned foods don't necessarily require dealing with excessively extreme storage conditions and timeframes, heat-sealed foil containers indeed present the best alternative to reduce production costs.

Coffee Capsules

Aikou's aluminum foil coffee capsules are our flagship product. Their excellent sealing ability helps block out light, moisture, air, and odors that could affect the coffee powder, thus preserving the flavor of the coffee. In addition to being perfectly compatible with the Nespresso coffee capsule system, we can also customize suitable products for your proprietary system.


Aikou also offers small-capacity mini heat-sealed foil cups, like those used for packaging McNuggets Sauce. Their excellent sealing performance ensures that products like jams, honey, sauces, and olive oil won't leak or go bad. Sauce manufacturers can use them for packaging samples or supply them to restaurants as condiments for the delivered foods.

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