Customize Foil Container
For Food Packaging

Aikou's new disposable foil containers are made with food-grade and eco-friendly materials. Our commitment to quality and safety is paramount, and we offer an extensive range of hundreds of styles to suit your needs. For customers seeking a unique type, we also provide customization services, enabling you to create a design that reflects your brand's values and elevates its image. Join us in promoting a sustainable future with Aikou.

Attractive Appearance

foil container - vivid color

Catch your customers' eye with the more vivid color

Customize logo printing, better for brand promotion

foil container - various types

Various types for satisfying different needs

Outstanding Features

More Attractive Appearance

Compared with the traditional silver foil pan, Aikou's new-style smooth-wall foil container looks more attractive. Various colors are available, and you can customize it with your particular brand color.

More Stable

The thicker wall brings a higher weight capacity and won't be out of shape easily, letting the meal still be delivered to your customers perfectly after a long and bumpy ride.

new style foil tray can be resistant high high-temperature heating

Higher Temperature Resistence

Our disposable foil container can be used in an oven at 180-250℃ for over an hour and can be heated by the naked flame. The most important is that there are no human health harmful substances released during it.

new style foil tray can be resistant high low-temperature storing

Cold Storage

Our foil container can resist lower -25℃, suitable for taken as frozen food packages like ice cream and fresh meat. And it also has excellent corrosion resistance ability, which makes it possible for the extended storage of acidic and alkaline foods.

new style foil container is microwaveable


Using a traditional foil pan in a microwave oven may result in a disaster. The new-style disposable foil pan has addressed this issue, making it safe to heat food in the microwave. (matters needing attention)

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Custom Styles

Customize your own style through our salesman, stand out among your competitors, and win the market


foil container - custom logo




foil container - custom lids



See how our new foil food container can be used in every field

Takeaway Food Packaging

If you are running a restaurant, we highly suggest you use our high-end foil containers for the takeaway food packaging. The elegant appearance gives your customers a better psychological experience and enhances your brand's impact.

food delivery services

Delivery Services

Thanks to the solid body, the foil container has an excellent weight capacity. In a bulk delivery food order, you can stack the packages together without worrying about them collapsing or going out of shape.

sales packages on shelves

Sales Packages

Our foil containers' outstanding heat retention ability can be taken as the packages of processed food like ingredients, meat, ice cream, frozen food, etc, and hit the supermarket shelf for sale.

Packaged Sales

As a leading aluminum foil container manufacturer, Aikou has cooperated with many famous brands. We can assist by providing separately sold packages for the product, so that you can directly sell them with your own brand in the supermarket or online shop.

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