Challenges in Coffee Capsule Production

Challenges in Coffee Capsule Production

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In 1986, Nestlé launched a revolutionary product: coffee capsules. Over the following decades, this market has experienced explosive growth, becoming an essential item for many households and cafes. In the past 2023, the global coffee capsule market had grown to $13.3 billion. As a result, many coffee producers want to penetrate this market and share in the profits.

However, producing coffee capsules presents more challenges than producing traditional ground coffee.

Challenges in Coffee Capsule Production

Challenges of Coffee Capsule Production

Due to past patent restrictions by Nestlé and other brands, their capsules were not compatible with machines from different brands. This forced many new entrants in the capsule coffee market to create their own capsules and corresponding machines. This situation was inconvenient for consumers and challenging for suppliers of production materials like filling machines, sealing machines, and empty coffee capsules.

Local roasteries often use manual capsule heat-sealing machines and generic capsules to produce small quantities for their brand followers. However, large-scale ground coffee suppliers looking to break into the capsule coffee market must invest in large automated filling and heat-sealing machines. These suppliers often face common potential issues, such as:

  • The weight of coffee powder in each capsule is usually 5-8 grams. If the accuracy control during filling is not good, it may cause inconsistency in the amount and taste of coffee in each capsule.
  • Misaligned aluminum foil seals can cause the coffee powder to oxidize or affect the appearance of the capsule.
  • If the aluminum foil lid hasn’t been tightly sealed, it will also cause the coffee powder to oxidize and leak, affecting the taste.
  • The body or edge of the capsule may not withstand the pressure from the machine and get damaged or deformed.
  • Quality issues with empty capsules may cause the automated production line to stop working.

All these greatly affect the yield rate, increase production costs, and are unacceptable for large-scale manufacturers.

The reason these potential problems exist is that most filling and heat sealing machines are generic, while empty coffee capsules must be customized by the brand itself. Customized empty coffee capsules must be fully compatible with the automated filling production line to effectively increase the yield rate and avoid potential experience issues during consumer use, such as coffee spoilage due to poor sealing, or leakage during use.

For this, you need an experienced manufacturer to provide you with the perfect solution and high-quality empty coffee capsule products.

custom lid style according to your needs
custom lid style according to your needs

Choose Aikou

Customized empty aluminum foil coffee capsules have always been Aikou’s ace product.

All our packaging container products are made from the highest quality food-grade aluminum foil, produced entirely in a workshop that strictly adheres to GMP-compliant standards, ensuring their impeccable safety.

More importantly, we have a range of molds compatible with various popular capsule coffee machines on the market, and we also offer custom design services, including shape, printing, and sealing, to help you create a unique, attractive capsule that attracts more consumers.

Over the years, we have worked closely with many traditional coffee producers, helping them successfully transition to the coffee capsule market. In this journey, we have overcome various challenges and accumulated rich experience.

Our professional technical team is well-versed in capsule production processes and has a deep understanding of various auto-filling equipment. This enables us to provide customers with customized capsule solutions, solve all the problems they may encounter during production, and ensure the highest product quality.

If you are a coffee producer planning to enter the thriving capsule coffee market, feel free to contact us at any time. Our professional team will provide you with full support.