1. Disposable aluminum foil container lunch box with heat sealing lid,aluminum foil container factory

  2. Why aluminum foil containers become more and more popular? Disposable aluminum foil containers such as foil trays, pie pans, baking cups and take-out foodcontainers. All of them are ideal for convenience food products. On the point of convenience, performance, and recyclability, aluminum foil container may be is the best choose on the market.

  3. The style of aluminum foil baking cup's lid

  4. Introduce of wrinkle aluminum foil container's lids Aikou Eco-friendly Material Co.,Ltd

  5. Disposable smooth foil takeaway food container Alu71 1000ML

  6. In order to keep the food for long shelf life, people will need the volume packaging for some frozen food, like meat, vegetable and pastry and pet food. The aluminum foil container can not only meet with a plastic lid, aluminum lid, as well as the plastic heat-sealing film and aluminum film.

  7. Dessert is like a piece of colorful parcel of every innocent human being's childhood. That's why there is a saying goes like" life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get " (from the movie Forrest Gump) So today I'm gonna show you how to DIY A super delicious and perfect easy pudding with an aluminum foil cup.

  8. Nowadays, more and more customers select our sealable aluminum foil container to instead of traditional sealable plastic container with plastic lid. Aluminum foil container with aluminum foil sealing lid is the most eco-friendly, healthy and useful packaging for long time food storage.

  9. Introduce about disposable small aluminum foil containers. Aikou aluminum foil container China supplier