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  3. With aluminum foil production process of continuous improvement, the aluminum foil because of its plasticity, safety and health, environmental protection and reuse the advantage of the features in the food packaging industry increasingly significant, the forming of aluminum foil pans more because of its convenience, portability is widely applied in aviation food and events catering supplies, got rapid development in recent years.

  4. Do you think the silver color aluminum foil container is too ordinary? Do you want your takeout food container to look different with others? Do you want your food packaged to leave a deep impression on your customers?

  5. China factory supply empty aluminum foil coffee capsules Nespresso compatible. Welcome to get cooperation

  6. There are many problems like fresh-keeping, foil lids heat-sealing, coffee capsule machine matching, also the question of yield rate. Luckily, AikouFoil has solved these related problems and formulated corresponding solutions.

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