1. Causes of influence on aluminum foil container heat sealing

  2. The factors that determine the heat sealing effect of the aluminum foil container

  3. There are many problems like fresh-keeping, foil lids heat-sealing, coffee capsule machine matching, also the question of yield rate. Luckily, AikouFoil has solved these related problems and formulated corresponding solutions.

  4. Disposable aluminum foil container lunch box with heat sealing lid,aluminum foil container factory

  5. Heat-sealing lids for aluminum foil packing trays.

  6. In order to keep the food for long shelf life, people will need the volume packaging for some frozen food, like meat, vegetable and pastry and pet food. The aluminum foil container can not only meet with a plastic lid, aluminum lid, as well as the plastic heat-sealing film and aluminum film.

  7. The Corrugated meal container has been widely used in airline hotels, bakeries, restaurants and house kitchen due to its characteristics of high barrier, easy heating, freshness preservation, and environmental performance.

  8. The main factors affecting the heat sealing aluminum foil containers

  9. Nowadays, more and more customers select our sealable aluminum foil container to instead of traditional sealable plastic container with plastic lid. Aluminum foil container with aluminum foil sealing lid is the most eco-friendly, healthy and useful packaging for long time food storage.

  10. Disposable aluminum foil heat sealing container for pet wet food.Aikou make in China.