1. Causes of influence on aluminum foil container heat sealing

  2. ​What Is Aluminum Foil Container?

  3. The factors that determine the heat sealing effect of the aluminum foil container

  4. How to Make Buffalo Chicken Dip With An Oven Safe Foil Container

  5. Aluminum foil has many characteristics and advantages, including: safety and health, high and low temperature resistance, green environmental protection, renewable energy saving, good sealing, high-grade beauty, convenient and fast.

  6. Aluminum foil has many advantages as a food container compared with other materials. First of all, aluminum foil can be very safe to contact with food, will not accommodate or help the growth of bacteria.

  7. The coating material is a kind of food grade resin coating, transparent or white coating is attached to the aluminum foil by high-temperature coating, so as to isolate the aluminum foil from the air and avoid the blackening phenomenon of aluminum foil oxidation. Therefore, the major airlines are using such coated aluminum foil food container.

  8. Aluminum foil disposable container has excellent anti-oil and water performance, easy to recycle after disposal. This kind of packaging can reheat food quickly and keep the taste of food fresh.

  9. Do you think the silver color aluminum foil container is too ordinary? Do you want your takeout food container to look different with others? Do you want your food packaged to leave a deep impression on your customers?

  10. Use a foil container to keep the perfect taste of salad