1. Aluminum foil disposable container has excellent anti-oil and water performance, easy to recycle after disposal. This kind of packaging can reheat food quickly and keep the taste of food fresh.

  2. Roast chicken 1 (minced) 1 cup frozen peas 1 teaspoon of salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper 3 frozen dough pies 6 disposable aluminum foil mini pie baking pan (or ceramic baking bowls)

  3. Disposable wrinkled foil cooking pot Alu12250 1920ML

  4. Do you think the silver color aluminum foil container is too ordinary? Do you want your takeout food container to look different with others? Do you want your food packaged to leave a deep impression on your customers?

  5. Use a foil container to keep the perfect taste of salad

  6. Grilling Orange Glazed Ham With Disposable Foil Tray Recipe.

  7. Disposable Two Compartments Aluminum Foil Food Packaging Container

  8. Baking Classic Apple Pie In Round Foil Pan PREP TIME: 40 minutes COOK TIME: 60 minutes SERVINGS: 8 slices COURSE: Dessert Bake this classic apple pie in disposable a round foil pan for non-stick serving--No.1368

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  10. Buy Disposable Foil Pan To Bake Bacon And Cheddar Cheese Quiche Take your brunch game up a level with this bacon and cheddar cheese quiche! Buy a disposable foil pan to cook for this recipe and the 1380 is the perfect size.