​How To Use Foil Baking Cups To Make Egg Pudding

How To Use Foil Baking Cups To Make Egg Pudding

Here is an egg pudding recipe, it takes like the egg tart, and it's super smooth! Only using eggs, milk and foil baking cups, you can make it easily!

Use Foil Baking Cups To Make Egg Pudding1


Egg 3

Milk 300g

Sugar 15g

Self- raising Flour 15g


1. First, prepare the required ingredients. Separate the egg white from the yolk.

2. Stir well with a manual whisk and add milk. Stir with a manual whisk while pouring milk.

3. Whisk until egg yolks and milk are combined.

4, and then add a little sifted low gluten flour, do not add more, otherwise affect the taste, also can not add low gluten flour, flour sifted, stirring egg-milk liquid is not easy to get a knot.

5, then beat evenly with the whisk until the egg-milk is fine.

6. Sift the egg-milk again to make the egg pudding more delicate.

7. Take out the prepared aluminum foil baking cup. This recipe is for exactly 4 egg puddings.

8. Preheat mini oven to 200c and bake over high heat for about 20 minutes.

9. Bake until golden color and surface is browned.

10. The baked egg pudding has an attractive color and smells delicious.

Use Foil Baking Cups To Make Egg Pudding2


1. Please control the baking temperature according to your oven performance.

2. Do not bake for too long or the pudding will not be tender and smooth.