​What Is Aluminum Foil Container?

What Is Aluminum Foil Container?

aluminum foil container

The aluminum foil container is more widely used tableware. The thickness of the aluminum container is generally between 0.03mm~0.20mm, can be divided into wrinkle and wrinkle-free two. It can also be divided into one-time and repeated use of two kinds. Somebody may call it tin foil container, in fact, it is 3 series or 8 series for aluminum ingots raw materials, after cold rolling or hot rolling into uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinhole, no dust particles, no peculiar smell of the aluminum foil master roll, after special equipment and mold one-time automatic cold stamping forming production process.


The most widely used are airline food, home cooking, and large cake chains. Main applications: food cooking, baking, freezing, preservation and so on.

The aluminum foil container is usually made of 8011 aluminum alloy or 3003 aluminum alloy.

Aluminum Foil Container Advantages

The product weight is light, the product conforms to the national food hygiene standard. Moreover, it is easy to recycle, no harmful substances are produced during the treatment process, and it does not pollute the renewable resources. Foil container product series are more used in aviation food and cake food retail, the update speed is fast consumption of more. Suitable for bulk sale. In cake shops, aluminum foil containers are often used in the cooking and packaging of finished products. The product market is wider, the popularization surface is wider.

Aluminum foil, with outstanding blocking performance, in the premise of sufficient thickness of aluminum foil, basically can completely block gas and water, therefore, in plastic flexible packaging materials, aluminum foil is used as a blocking material, and aluminum foil has a series of advantages such as light, airtight and good envelopment. It is wholesome, beautiful, still can keep warm to a certain extent.

In addition, wrinkle-free lunch boxes not only meet the national food container health standards but also adapt to the international trend of environmental protection. Products can be directly put on the gas stove heating and microwave oven and do not fear the risk, which brought great convenience to people.

Used lunch boxes can be recycled, reduce pollution, save resources, which is a good choice. Under the background that people pays more and more attention to environmental protection, this kind of meal box develops rapidly in recent years, a lot of enterprises begin to seize the market, future prospect is infinite and broad.