How is the airline food container made?

How is the airline food container made?

airline food container

The airline food container also known as aviation aluminum foil meal box, it used the latest, most scientific aluminum foil surface coating treatment technology and high-temperature disinfection decontamination treatment technology manufactured, it has a beautiful, elegant, luxurious, fast thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, and easy to heat and storage advantages, deeply favored by major airlines.

airline food container as a kind of environmental protection, safety, recyclable food packaging. It is now widely used in airline food and catering for large events. It will be more widely used in the future.

With the rapid development of the food industry, the production process and industry standards put forward higher requirements.

Airline food containers came into being, in its production process of the use of lubricating oil standards have very high requirements.

The airline food container is how to produce after all comes out? Aluminum foil food container manufacturers now take you to see the production process.

The production process of the aviation airline food container can be roughly divided into six steps: material exhibition → oil coating → feeding → stamping molding → blanking → detection. In the production process, the punching pressure of aluminum foil is as high as 40 ~ 80 tons, the stamping frequency is 1 ~ 2 seconds, and the average production is 20,000 tons/day.

Stamping oil in the production process of the airline food containers, plays a very important role, including heat dissipation, cooling, protection of aluminum foil surface, protection of stamping equipment and mold, rust, corrosion and prevent aluminum foil surface adhesion.

According to the special lubrication requirements of the airline food container industry, the special stamping oil for airline food containers is developed by using delicate narrow fraction base oil as raw material, environment-friendly lubricant, and extreme pressure agent.

It has excellent lubrication performance, bearing performance and excellent cooling performance, which can improve work efficiency and make the product get the best finish and precision.

Excellent volatile performance, volatile no residual, keep the work brisk, prevent the workpiece adhesion phenomenon.

Airline food container production, due to its high pressure and high temperature process, aluminum foil boxes dedicated stamping oil excellent extreme pressure performance and good heat resistance performance, effectively solve the equipment and mould surface due to friction heat production, greatly extend the service life of equipment and mold, it is colorless, tasteless, clean environmental protection, do not contain any harmful substances to human body, with excellent working environment, can meet the aluminum foil boxes used as food containers for its high-security requirements of the lubricant. It can improve the qualified rate of airline food container production, to ensure the safety of aluminum foil container, which also can help improve the production efficiency of airline food container enterprises, to achieve cost control.