Can the heating of aluminum foil food pan produce harmful substances?

Can the heating of aluminum foil food pan produce harmful substances?

aluminum foil food pan

The aluminum foil food pan is widely used, convenient and fast, already into thousands of households, that aluminum foil food pan heating will not produce harmful substances?

Now "aluminum foil food pan" is not a "pure aluminum system", but aluminum alloy. Aluminum is very reactive and easily oxidized into alumina, which is dense and stable and prevents further reactions of the inner metal. These days, aluminum foil food pan has an oxide film or coating on the surface to prevent the aluminum inside from reacting with food, and therefore are safe.

However, aluminum and alumina will react with strong acid and strong alkali, therefore, an aluminum foil food pan and strong acid and strong alkali (such as some cleaning agents) contact, use should also cooperate with bamboo, wood tableware, avoid being destroyed by sharp items coating or oxide film.

In addition, the heating temperature of aluminum foil food pan is also an important factor affecting the aluminum dissolution, aluminum foil food pan at a high temperature (temperature beyond 240℃) for a long time processing food will increase the aluminum dissolution. Among all kinds of aluminum products, cast aluminum (raw aluminum) is the most soluble, cooked aluminum (refined aluminum) is lower, and alloy aluminum is almost not soluble.So choose and buy aluminum foil food pan, with alloy aluminum foil food pan as well.