A simple recipe for baking cupcakes with aluminum foil cups

A simple recipe for baking cupcakes with aluminum foil cups

baking cupcakes with aluminum foil cups

Cream cheese is one of my favorite foods. Cakes, bread, sauces, anything.

A little bit of cheese left over from the bread was used to bake the cheesecake,

To add texture, it goes perfectly with the oreo crumble.

baking cupcakes with aluminum foil cups

And the key thing is that it's very simple,

Mix all the ingredients together and bake in a foil baking cup.

Baked cheesecake, most of us struggle with cracking and shrinking,

Actually, these problems are not insignificant, it depends on the degree of stirring

And the degree of stirring directly affects its taste, is smooth or solid, or holes slightly rough.

In general, as long as the operation is not too large deviation in the mixing process, just from the appearance level, in fact, there is no need to worry too much.

baking cupcakes with aluminum foil cups

Unless you want to bring the whole cake for display and eat it yourself, it's easier to preserve and eat it,

I usually use disposable aluminum foil cups, or ceramic bowls or glasses that go into the oven,

This way you don't have to worry about the shape, and it's also very convenient.

And finally, the quantity and the ingredients,

Sometimes the home raw materials are not particularly complete, in fact, as long as the main material is basically determined,

Other auxiliary ingredients can be combined at will, as long as you can control the proportion of the main ingredients,

Changes in flavor can be made.

Today's cheesecake is basically a combination of whatever you want,

baking cupcakes with aluminum foil cups

Cheese cake baking

(6 cups)

Ingredients: 180 g cream cheese, 200 g sour cream, 150 g light cream, 100 g granulated sugar, 3 eggs, 15 g cornstarch, 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Bake: heat up and down to 180 degrees for 20 minutes, turn to 160 degrees for 20 minutes

1. Weigh all ingredients in a mixing cup

2. Set time for 10 minutes, speed 2, temperature 40 degrees

3. Let the cheesecake mixture stand for 30 minutes, then sift through several times to remove any remaining particles and bubbles

4. Pour the ingredients into the aluminum foil baking cup to 9/10

5. As shown in the figure, place the mold on the meshwork of the oven, and put a baking pan filled with water to create steam in the lower layer

6. While baking, prepare the oreo crumble, removing the filling layer from the oreo cookie

7. Transfer to mixing cup and crumble 30 seconds on 7 th

8. Let the cake cool slightly after baking and garnish with chopped oreos and various fruits or snacks

baking cupcakes with aluminum foil cups

* use oil and stir to melt the cheese, eliminating the need to heat it through the water.If you want to save time and effort, just throw it in the way I do and you don't have to do anything else, otherwise you can put the cream cheese and sour cream into the machine and warm it up first, and then when it's smooth you add the other ingredients in turn, so that you get a more delicate cheesecake batter, which is less likely to have any undissolved particles.

* sour cream: add 200ml light cream to 30ml lemon juice and let stand for 30 minutes