How to choose a reliable food package

How to choose a reliable food package

As a window to convey brand value, the food box has mobile advertising media attribute, which can play a role in extending brand value. Meanwhile, the media attribute of the food box can be related to the brand and become an interface for traffic conversion, subtly spreading brand awareness. Meal boxes can also maximize product protection and optimize the dining experience of consumers. Box design to consider practicality, cost, environmental protection, ornamental, dining scene, and other aspects, select the best.

Practicality: combining with the assembly process of different kinds of takeaway food, we choose reasonably designed meal boxes to ensure the assembly speed. At the same time, consider the convenience of transportation, generally choose rectangular, round box packaging. Choose easy to take, strong heat preservation, no leakage, good sealing performance and easy to open, and can be repeatedly sealed and opened.

Cost: strictly control the packaging cost of takeout, improve the profit margin of the restaurant.

Environmental protection: the use of healthy raw materials to ensure the safety of consumers' meals, and facilitate secondary recycling.

Ornamental value: through the design of simple copy, highly creative food box shape and colors that can easily stimulate consumers' appetite, the brand can be recognized and liked by consumers, thus becoming the carrier of brand image.

Design appropriate meal boxes and tableware according to the dining scene of target consumer groups. Consider whether takeout is set meals, soups or deli products that last a long time. If it's a set meal that includes soup, consider designing it as a combination, portable meal box with a firm lid.

Commonly used food box material is generally divided into pulp food box, polypropylene plastic food box, aluminum foil food box. Paper pulp meal box USES bagasse, wheat straw and other plant fibers processed into paper pulp, non-toxic and harmless, not easy to deformation and leakage, with recycling value. Polypropylene plastic food box is non-toxic and tasteless. It can withstand high temperature without releasing toxic substances when heated. Microwave it. (note: some meal boxes are made of polypropylene, while the lid is made of other materials that cannot withstand high temperatures, so the lid cannot be heated in the microwave.)

this picture is showing what is aluminum foil food package

The aluminum foil material is light, with high barrier, moisture-proof, waterproof, anticorrosive, can be put into the oven, health and environmental protection, recyclable.

We can according to the different user groups of cost and to choose the most suitable for our packing, if you have design capability of the boss can from the waist to find package of differentiation, waist to seal on a very tall can print QR code or for consumers to participate in activities at the same time, with powder, can also reduce the boxes cover outside and the probability of food caused by loose;Good material waist sealing can also play a certain insulation effect.

A complete set of packaging should include chopsticks, forks, spoons, napkins, toothpicks (dental floss), disposable gloves, wet towels (small towels), fresh breath sugar (such as chewing gum, mints), garbage bags, shucker, etc. Bosses can according to their actual business category reasonable choice of packaging accessories.

Table mat paper is also an essential element in packaging, which can quickly convey brand style, accurately express the humanistic feelings of the boss, establish a spiritual communication with users, and well publicize store activities and introduce the store's brand products. Relative to expand brand influence, the use value of mat paper itself does not appear so important.

We can design mat paper from the following points

1. The popularization of knowledge: the popularization of food knowledge or dining guide conveys the deep understanding and professionalism of enterprises to consumers.

2. Interactive, such as allowing consumers to scan codes and participate in activities.

3. New product introduction: timely transmission of new product information to consumers to play an advertising role.

4. Create a slogan copywriting to enhance interest.

A good set of packaging can turn new customers into fans, greatly improve the repurchase rate of stores, and steadily improve the quality of stores.