Use a foil baking pan to make delicious grilled vermicelli

Use a foil baking pan to make delicious grilled vermicelli

foil pan baking vermicelli

The aluminum foil barbecue can not only expel the excess oil of the food itself but also maintain the nutrition inside the food, which indirectly makes the food taste fresh and tender. With the special sauce, the taste is extremely tender and smooth!

The foil baking pan is packed with vermicelli and some side dishes, such as golden mushroom, fish tofu, scallion, ham sausage and seasoned rice and hot, etc., and the secret sauce is simmered. A bite of baked vermicelli to go or stand in the street.

You just can't resist!

foil pan baking vermicelli

Baked vermicelli is with soup, open to bake after pouring into the stock, add Fried garlic paste, sprinkle with chives and millet hot, can also add some seafood and so on.

A small bowl of vermilion soup is the delicious seafood including, drink a mouthful of soup juice, suck a mouthful of vermilion, bite a piece of seafood let a person cannot help but sigh that this humble thing can be so delicious.

The fresh and fragrant special flavor thick stock and the special flavor thick special spicy hoisin sauce, the two fusion of the taste more rich and mellow! Fried garlic paste plus fresh spicy mixed with micro spicy into the tip of the tongue, hit the taste buds!


Vermicelli, garlic, green onion, special flavor, and spicy hoisin sauce, aluminum foil baking tray, special flavor, and high soup water, amount of vegetables (green vegetables, gold and silver mushroom, etc.), millet spicy


Step 1: soak the vermicelli, cut the garlic into minced garlic, wash the vegetables and set aside.

Step 2: heat the oil in the wok, add the garlic and stir-fry, then add the thick and spicy hoisin sauce and the thick and thick soup to boil.

Step 3: spread the soaked noodles on the tin foil, put vegetables on the noodles, and pour the cooked seasoning soup.

Step 4: place the foil pan on the oven and heat for 10 minutes.