The four main reasons for restricting the use of aluminum foil containers

The four main reasons for restricting the use of aluminum foil containers

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At present, China is the world's largest producer and exporter of aluminum foil, aluminum foil production, and processing technology and equipment have reached the world-class, product quality also reached the international advanced level.

However, the domestic aluminum foil packaging application market is still at a low level, aluminum foil consumption of aluminum foil containers is very small.

The advantages of aluminum foil meal box

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Aluminum foil has many advantages as a food container compared with other materials.

First of all, aluminum foil can be very safe to contact with food, will not accommodate or help the growth of bacteria.

Second, the aluminum foil has good thermal stability, under - under a high and low temperature of 20 ℃ to 250 ℃, the stable molecular structure does not change, not deformation, not broken, do not melt. Use aluminum foil to separate high-temperature charcoal fire and fume, still can avoid the carcinogenic substance that produces because of baked goods effectively.

Third, aluminum foil can completely cut off the light, gas and other substances, extend the freshness and protect water, maintain the original taste and characteristics of food.

The most important thing is that aluminum foil is renewable. The energy required for the regeneration process is only less than 5% of the energy required for the production of primary aluminum. The emission of greenhouse gases is 95% less than that of primary aluminum, which is very environmentally friendly.

The reason for the low utilization rate of aluminum foil food containers

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There are three main factors influencing the utilization rate of aluminum foil containers in China, which are consumer cognitive errors, sales and distribution factors, and price factors.

According to the survey, 21.0% of people believe that long-term use of aluminum foil containers will be toxic, 18.3% believe that aluminum foil products are high-grade products with high prices, and 11.3% believe that aluminum foil containers are excessive consumption and a waste of resources. A considerable number of consumers and restaurant operators have cognitive errors, that aluminum contains heavy metals and other harmful substances, the impact of the concept of restricting the sales of aluminum foil containers. In fact, the surface of aluminum foil has a dense layer of oxide, this oxide is relatively stable chemical properties, only in the strong acid environment will be separated out aluminum ions.

The second reason is that the domestic sales and distribution network of aluminum foil containers and containers is not perfect, and consumers lack convenient purchase channels. At present, there are almost no aluminum foil containers and containers on the market in China. According to the research team, the main reason why aluminum foil containers are hard to find in the market is that the storage and transportation process of such commodities takes up a large space, has a low relative value, has a small sales volume, and the supermarket entrance fee is relatively high.

The third reason is cost. At present, the price of aluminum foil containers on the market is about 20% higher than the price of ordinary plastic containers. Actually, aluminous foil food container and high-grade plastic food container and biodegradable food containers are compared, the price already was close to even lower 15% - 20%.In addition to recycling, water saving, storage and transportation, heating energy saving and other aspects can reduce the cost of expenditure, aluminum foil food container cost-effective.

In addition, publicity and promotion efforts are not enough aluminum foil container one of the reasons for the low utilization rate. According to consumer Suggestions in the survey, more than 70% of respondents think that the promotion and publicity of aluminum foil food containers are not enough, and nearly 62% of respondents think that consumers should know more about the advantages of aluminum foil containers, and promote them on a pilot basis.

77.4% of respondents hope that when choosing containers, catering enterprises should put the quality of food containers and food safety in the first place.29.9% of respondents suggested that catering enterprises should give consumers more choices in the choice of disposable food container materials. Sadly, 5.6 percent still want businesses to choose the cheapest food container.

In order to speed up the use rate of aluminum foil food containers, not only need to establish a scientific and perfect aluminum foil recycling system, aluminum foil enterprises also need to speed up the improvement of large and medium-sized city sales agencies and distribution centers, but also can combine the Internet to develop e-commerce and other channels to promote and sell aluminum foil containers.