Excellent performance, aluminum foil become the new favorite airline food packaging

Excellent performance, aluminum foil become the new favorite airline food packaging

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry, people's demand for aviation food is also rising.

Due to the particularity of aviation food itself, the whole food material is very strict on the purchase, material selection and later inventory, processing, packaging requirements, in the attention to the nutritional value of food and shelf life, but also to pay attention to the safety of food.

This series of requirements make the airline not only in the characteristics of flight food, all kinds of efforts but also in food packaging to do enough article.

Such strong market demand undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for aviation food packaging, which not only requires the packaging itself to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic but also plays a good role in the preservation of food.

airline food packing containers

Aluminum packaging material is the first choice is aluminum foil, aluminum foil as a kind of packaging material, its important characteristics are superior barrier performance, can effectively block air, water, light, so as to maintain and extend the freshness of food and shelf life.

General aviation aluminum foil airline food trays by 8011 or 3003 alloy aluminum foil via punch and die with one-time stamping, its products have a certain hardness, price moderate, and can be a one-time use, can achieve full recovery and infinite loop used at the same time, combined with excellent heat transfer performance, can well meet the aviation food cycle is short and quick heating demand.

Therefore, actively promoting the use of aluminum foil meal trays and containers in the field of aviation food packaging cannot only effectively deal with the environmental pollution caused by the proliferation of plastic products, but also solve the problem of food safety and health, while ensuring environmental protection and convenience.

It can be said that aluminum foil has become a new favorite in the field of aviation food packaging.