Airline Food Container: The Best Choice For Airline Meal

Airline Food Container: The Best Choice For Airline Meal

airline food container

Airline meals are prepared by airport catering companies and delivered to the aircraft cabin on time according to flight requirements.

More than two hours of flight, the plane into a smooth after take-off, flight attendants will be cooling speed after meals in the room with rapid heating oven after 200 ℃ about 20 minutes, and then there will be a flight attendant's warm heart asks: "chicken rice and noodles, which one do you need?"

airline meal tray

Why are airplane meal tray aluminum foil container instead of plastic?

The main reason is that the general plastic products cannot be used for high-temperature heating, such as plastic products if heated will transfer toxic substances.

Isn't it better to choose ceramics with Chinese characteristics?

Indeed, ceramics can be heated at high temperatures and look elegant and feel good.

Business class and first class tableware for all kinds of high-grade bone China.

However, the cost of all kinds of ceramics is extremely high, and it is impossible to use them all at once, and the cleaning cost is extremely high. In addition, the heavy ceramic appliances will increase aircraft fuel.

aluminum foil container

Aluminum foil as a safe, sanitary, environmentally friendly material, and as a packaging material its important characteristics is excellent barrier performance, can effectively block air, water, light, so as to maintain or extend the shelf life of food and freshness.

Aviation aluminum foil meal box is generally made of an aluminum foil of 8011 or 3003 alloys through the combination of punch and mold one-time stamping forming, its products have a certain degree of hardness, product price moderate, and for one-time use, and aluminum foil is a recyclable environmental protection material of infinite recycling. Excellent heat transfer performance of aluminum foil, just to meet the needs of the short voyage and rapid heating.

aluminum foil tray

Aviation aluminum foil airline food container from the appearance of quality classification can be divided into two kinds:

one is made of light foil direct stamping corrugated meal box, its thickness is generally in the 0.06~0.07mm, cost-effective;

The other is coated aluminum foil meal box, the thickness of the general in 0.08~0.09mm.

The coating material is a kind of food grade resin coating, transparent or white coating is attached to the aluminum foil by high-temperature coating, so as to isolate the aluminum foil from the air and avoid the blackening phenomenon of aluminum foil oxidation.

Therefore, the major airlines are using such coated aluminum foil food container.