Should I buy capsule coffee or not?

Should I buy capsule coffee or not?

The word "convenient" is unlikely to be associated with the third wave of gourmet coffee. After all, there are so many details about this kind of coffee, including "production place", "roasting degree", "extraction method", "sustainability" and so on.

As a result, capsule coffee, which imposes a heavy burden on the environment, is often disparaged by the third wave of coffee enthusiasts.

But as consumers become more comfortable with the experience, premium coffee and capsule technology need to find a way to overcome this change. After all, this is the market trend, and many business opportunities will be lost if we don't do it.

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Understand the consumer group of capsule coffee

In 2017, the national coffee association NCA noted that less than 30 percent of adults use single-cup coffee makers to make their coffee. But don't get too excited.

In this case, the "single-cup coffee maker" usually refers to capsule coffee, like Keurig, Nespresso.

The same report says single-cup coffee makers are becoming more common in homes, businesses and even hotel rooms.

So why is capsule coffee becoming more popular? According to a 2017 survey of adults in the United States, Britain, and Germany:

"Easy to make coffee" is the main reason for choosing capsules in the UK and us, while Germany is a secondary reason

"Coffee taste" was the main reason for Germany's preference for capsules, while the United States and the United States were the secondary reasons

"Quality" and "value for money" are the third and fourth consideration for these three countries when choosing capsules.

Capsule coffee, in other words, is for these groups of people who are looking for consumers of good coffee and want to fit in with the value proposition at the same time. And does that really sound so off-putting to boutique coffee lovers?

Boutique coffee lovers usually seek high-quality, tasty coffee. You'll see them tasting espressos or sipping drip coffee, focusing on where the coffee comes from and how the extraction affects aroma and flavor, and a group that's happy to pay more for premium beans.

The only difference is that both groups value convenience. While drip coffee is still the most popular brew, single-cup coffee makers aren't far behind.

So the authors ask: "can boutique coffee lovers interact and even empathize with those who like to buy capsule coffee, and how can they benefit from it?"

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The revolution in capsule coffee

Is it possible for gourmet coffee to be made into capsules? What will he look like? In fact, we all know that.

In fact, boutique coffee aficionados have given a somewhat uncanny account of capsule coffee: angry allegations of high production costs, unrecyclability, long-stored grounds, and the use of futures grade coffee.

But the technology for capsule coffee is ripe, just like instant coffee or even raw beans. These days you can find recyclable aluminum foil coffee capsules that may even contain a Panamanian geisha or COE cup grade coffee.

Boutique coffee has a place in the capsule revolution. In doing so, it provides high-quality and sustainably sourced coffee for a high proportion of the population.

But here's the problem:

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Should I use capsule coffee?

Capsule coffee is becoming more and more popular, but is it suitable for coffee lovers and coffee shops?

You have to understand what the drinker needs, can you use the capsule machine? I have rolled out the capsule that high-quality goods coffee makes, can you buy a bill? Will this be one of the choices for the daily cup of coffee quota?

Be careful not to generalize about everyone. You can't assume that all the people who drink gourmet coffee have hand washers at home. You can't assume that all the people who drink capsule coffee have capsule machines at home. They might drink big-box beans, they might buy hypermarket coffee, and when the options are so diverse, you have to wonder if it's worth the investment.

In fact, boutique coffee and capsule coffee do not have to be against each other, the charm of coffee lies in its tolerance.

Finally, I will briefly share the advantages and disadvantages of the capsule with you:


1. Time-saving and labor-saving, simple process

The person that pays attention to quality, from choose and buy coffee bean to begin, grind all the way, strong boil and taste, an appliance is maintained and the bean is saved must not careless, also can control the coffee flavor that he wants more. But if the time is not enough, or when there are a lot of visitors or company customers suddenly, it will be more troublesome to slowly grind beans by hand. The capsule coffee mechanism process is faster, which is not the best but is a worthy choice.

2. Coffee flavor

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you are only used to a certain coffee flavor, or just need a caffeine pick-me-up, you can buy and store it in large quantities without going out to shop. It also echoes one of the advantages of saving time and effort. It's just that if you like different flavors of coffee, you may feel that there are too few options or you may not be able to enjoy them.

3. The extensibility

The capsule machine can also be used to make tea, chocolate, milk tea and other drinks, if you want to change the taste, this is also an option.

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1. The origin of coffee beans is not transparent

Since the capsule coffee is made in an opaque process that is already in the capsule state when you get it, you cannot be sure of the complete origin information, certification and other details of this batch of coffee beans.

2. Capsules are not versatile

As anyone who has ever bought a home printer knows, manufacturers make money on ink and other consumables, not on the printer itself. Therefore, each capsule coffee manufacturer has its own specifications, so you can only use their capsules when you buy the machine.

3. Maintenance of the machine

Capsule machine flushing water whether with filtered water, boiled water, for a long time may be residual minerals in the machine pipeline, so maintenance and cleaning is very important, not only affect the flow rate of water, but also related to health problems, and cleaning maintenance also needs to buy a specific detergent.