French Cheese Mooncake - Baking In A Foil Cups

French Cheese Mooncake - Baking In A Foil Cups

French Cheese Mooncake - Baking In A Foil Cups

Mooncake Skin Ingredients: 250g butter, 110g sugar, 6 egg yolks, 375g flour

Cheese filling: 300g cream cheese, 100g butter, 40g powdered sugar, 3 egg yolks, 15g light flour

Surface decoration: 1 egg yolk, an appropriate amount of almond slices

French Cheese Mooncake - Baking In A Foil Cups

Cheese filling making:

1. Place the cream cheese and butter at room temperature until softened and mix well.

2. Add the powdered sugar and stir well.

3. add 3 egg yolks, mix well;

4. sift in the low powder, continue to stir, fully mix, cheese stuffing is done;

5. Put the mixed contents into a disposable framed bag and refrigerate for later use.

Cheese filling making

Mooncake skin making:

1. Soften the butter in the cake crust at room temperature, add in the granulated sugar, and stir well;

2. Add the egg yolk in 3 times, 2 at a time, and then add the next egg yolk after fully mixing.

3, sift into the low powder, turn to no dry powder state.

Mooncake skin making

French cheese mooncakes making:

1. take a small piece of bread leather group flattening, add baking cup (piping bag can also be used to squeeze the batter, it is batter is dry, not too good crowded), reoccupy hand batter along the bottom and painted on compaction, formed around the shape of a high middle and low, pay attention to the bottom of the crust not too thick, high for about half of baking cups, because after baked also grow up;

2. Squeeze the cheese filling into the pie crust. Make sure the cheese filling is not too full and not higher than the height of the pie crust.

3. Next, take another piece of dough and make it round and smooth (sprinkle with flour if sticky). Cover it in the mold with cheese filling, and smooth the surface slightly with your hands.

4. an egg yolk with a spoon of water mix, brush on the surface of the moon cake, and fork on the surface of the lines, sprinkle a little almond slice;

5. the oven 180 preheat, will be the cheese moon cake emissions in the baking tray, the middle layer of baking about 25-30 minutes, midway more observation of the surface coloring, coloring degree is appropriate to promptly cover the tin foil to continue baking, after the heat can be cool

French cheese mooncakes making

1. I use AikouFoil aluminum foil baking cup (diameter: 85mm), which can be easily removed from the mold and has a high appearance. I can also use six or 12 models for muffin cake.

2. the height of the dough can be half of the cup, then squeeze on the cheese filling, and then cover a dough, the total height of two-thirds of the cup can, also grow higher when baking;

3. pay attention to the bottom of the pie crust to pressure a little thin, too thick not ripe, irregular pie crust can be cut with a knife edge;

4, when baking the cake will swell, resulting in some cracks on the surface, cool out of the oven will return to flat.

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