Disposable Empty Coffee Capsule Shell Manufacturer From China

Disposable Empty Coffee Capsule Shells Manufacturer From China

aluminum foil coffee capsules manufacturer

AikouFoil is a factory professional on producing and wholesale aluminum foil products from China.

Now in the coffee market, all kinds of coffee capsules are popular.

Because of its convenient use and high freshness, it has great market potential.

Some traditional coffee producers, had started product and sale coffee capsules, try to give up traditional bag packing coffee.

disposable empty coffee capsule shells

But in fact, it's hard to produce these simple looking, empty coffee capsule shell.

aluminum foil coffee capsules

There are many problems like fresh-keeping, foil lids heat-sealing, coffee capsule machine matching, also the question of yield rate.

successful coffee capsule products

Luckily, AikouFoil has solved these related problems and formulated corresponding solutions.

Now AikouFoil has entered into cooperation with coffee producers in the United States, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries and regions.

coffee capsule technical problem solving

coffee capsule producing text

If you want to get into the coffee capsule sales market, you may encounter the following problems in the production process:

1. The pods are hard to match with coffee capsule machines;

2. Deformation, leaking when it using;

3. Hard to glue the aluminum foil lids after filling the capsule;

4. The foil lids were difficult to be pierced during use.

5. Low yield rate;

And so on.

heat-sealing foil lids on coffee capsule

Maybe you can get help from AikouFoil.

AikouFoil has a strong supply chain and technical solutions for the production of coffee capsules,

to help you better enter the coffee capsule sales market.

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