Popular New Aluminum Foil Cupcake Baking Cup

Popular New Aluminum Foil Cupcake Baking Cup

Cupcakes have always been the most popular dessert, and the cuteness is irresistible.

The new type of aluminum foil cupcake baking cup, using food grade aluminum foil, good toughness,

non-stick, safe and sanitary, recyclable, is a good helper for family baking.

Applicable environment: baked, microwave heating and freezing.


Q: Will the color of the foil cup coating fall on the cake?

A: No, the temperature of the aluminum foil cup is above 280 degrees.

Q: Does this aluminum foil cup require a specific oven?

A: You can use any type of oven, including a home oven, a microwave,

or even an open flame gun, such as making creme brulee.

Q: What does this package do for dessert?

A: It can be used as the mold of the cupcake directly,

and there is no need to take off the mold and package after baking.

After cooling, it can be put on the matching plastic lid and sold in a box

or put in the refrigerator for further consumption.

Can be made: cheesecake, fruit pie, custard, caramel pudding, and another dessert.

The product style list: https://www.aikoufoil.com/list-Foil-Container.html