Do you know the factors of Heat-sealing aluminum foil container?

Do you know the factors of Heat-sealing aluminum foil container?

In order to keep the food for long shelf life, people will need the volume packaging for some frozen food,

like meat, vegetable and pastry and pet food.

The aluminum foil container can not only meet with a plastic lid, aluminum lid, as well as the plastic heat-sealing film and aluminum film.

As a high-end atmospheric food container,

aluminum foil containers are often can withstand microwave heating and receive environmental protection.

Therefore, the aluminum foil container sealing film is very important.

The sealing film structure of the aluminum foil container is roughly AL/PE, AL/PP,

and it is necessary to use the food-grade high temperature cooking PE and PP as raw materials.

In order to keep the sealing seal airtight,

it will require a higher technical requirement of the contaienr body and the heat-sealing layer of sealing film.

Some customers have met the problems that poor heat sealing of the product,

the sealing film was tearing after sealed, etc., resulting in the direct loss to customers.

So if you want to have a perfect final product,

before purchasing the heat sealing machine and sealing aluminum foil container,

it will be better than you can talk with your supplier about :

1. The materials of inside products, will it include the oil or some chemistry factors?

2. How will the final customer use? Will they open the lid before using?

3. A packaging machine is a manual machine or an automatic machine.