Oven DIY Recipes Homemade Delicacy - Foil Tray Roasting

Oven DIY Recipes Homemade Delicacy - Foil Tray Roasting

Work like a cow, live like an artist. How long have you not been treated yourself a DIY meal?
Chinese New Year is coming soon, we finally gotta a short time to

have a breath of fresh air and recharge ourselves from the crazy busy working days.

Here are some easy oven DIY homemade recipes for you guys today.
It may not mess up your kitchen so much even if you are a newbie in cook.

Recipe 1.
Roasted eggplant

What you need are only :
Garlic 200 - 250 g /  chili sauce 30 g / soy sauce 2 tablespoons /

oyster sauce 3 tablespoons/ chili powder / salt /

sugar in appropriate amount / aluminum foil trays.
Steps to go :
a. Cut the garlic into little pieces, then heat the oil and garlic in the tray tenderly.
b. Heat water to soften the eggplants then put into the oven for 20 min.
c. Cut the eggplants into two parts, then we can add some garlic sauce and Cumin powder.
d. Then put them on an aluminum foil tray, then put into the oven within 20-25 mins under 180-degree Celsius.

Little tips: dressing some cumin powder as taking out the oven, then taste better.

Recipe 2.
Roasted chicken wings

What you need are only :
Chicken wings 9 pcs / soy sauce 3 tsp / wine 2 tsps / honey 2 tsps /

garlic 1 pcs / chili powder / cumin powder 1 tsp / lemon juice couples drops / aluminum foil tray.
Steps to take :
a.clear and mix all the seasoners except the chicken wings on the aluminum foil trays.
b.Seasoning the chicken's wings with all the sauces together for over 2 hours.
c.The attention that: preheat the oven for 5 min for 200-degree Celsius.

  Then place the chicken wings on the foil pan, then what can we do is only to wait.

  Set around 20 min with 200-degree Celsius to roast.

Which one will you pick for your dinner tonight?