4 Steps Of Easy DIY Puddings With Aluminum Foil Dessert Cup

4 Steps Of Easy DIY Puddings With Aluminum Foil Dessert Cup

Dessert is like a piece of colorful parcel of every innocent human being's childhood.

That's why there is a saying goes like" life is like a box of chocolate,

you never know what you are going to get " (from the movie Forrest Gump)

For me, life is like a recipe of desserts, you never know which one

will be your favorite until you try to make it yourself.

So today I'm gonna show you how to DIY a super delicious and perfect easy pudding

with an aluminum foil cup.

Here to go,

what do you need to prepare?

Whipping cream 200ml

Egg yolks 2

Milk 50ml

Sugar 12g


1. Blend sugar and egg yolks together completely, stop blending as you can see the bubble.

2. Pour the milk and the whipping cream into the pan, mix and heat them tenderly.

But don't make it boiling.

3. Cool down the milk and whipping cream from step2, and then pour the egg yolks from step1,

mix them completely. Then the pudding liquid is done, ready for molding.

4. Pour the pudding liquid into the aluminum foil cup for molding

and turn it to 150 degrees about 30minutes.

Then go to freeze for molding.

As the pudding did take out from refrigerator, we can cover them with the clear plastic lids in flat,

middle or dome sizes during serving and catering, if you want to put some fruits on it,

you can choose dome lids which can keep the design of pudding well

and keep clean during serving and delivery .

Also, you can see the pudding inside the cup directly through the clear plastic lid.

A little tip for you: Before eating, put some granulated sugar on the pudding, making it more delicious.