Convenient Baking Tool For Apple Pie - Aluminum Foil Pans

Convenient Baking Tool For Apple Pie - Aluminum Foil Pans

Apple pie was originally from eastern Europe, but now it becomes a common dessert in America,

many teenagers love this. It can have a different shape, size and different flavor like caramel apple pie,

French apple pie, apple crumb pie, sour cream apple pie etc. Almost every family will?

make the dessert in their daily life and some even take this nutritious food as their main course.

Apple pie seems simply to make, but the different container to freeze the dough and baking the pie,

sometimes even the pastry crust can drive you crazy.

Thankfully,with an aluminum foil pan, everything would be easier.

Firstly, the aluminum foil pan is oven safe and suitable for frozen,

its working temperature is from -40℃-380℃,

you don't need to change the container when you freezing and baking process.

Secondly, the foil pan is disposable and not stick, it can well keep the pie shape,

and you don't need to wash the pan, you can just put it in the garbage sorting box.

Thirdly, the foil tray is thin with the thickness of 0.05-0.13mm, it has good thermal conductivity,

can transfer heat in a short time and spread it on the pie. Finally, let's make the apple pie together.


1  : Pastry crust

A: ghee 150g, cream 50g, sugar powder 75g, fine salt 2g,

B: egg 1

C: almond powder 75g, vanilla powder 5g low-gluten flour 160g high-gluten flour 150g

2 : almond cream

A: cream 100g, powdered sugar 100g

B: egg 100g

C: almond powder 100g, low gluten flour 15g

3 : apple filling

A: 7 fresh apples (cut into small equal pieces)

B: Cream 60g, Brown Sugar 170g, Lemon Juice 10g


1:Make the pastry crust

First mix A well, add B to mix well, and finally add the sieved C to make all into a dough,

put it into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Attention: Don't stir the cream too long, since it will swell during baking and affect the shape of the pie.

And when adding eggs, you need to add them in several times to avoid separation of cream and egg.

The powder needs to be sieved before adding, so as to avoid the presence of particles inside.

When kneading the dough, do not make it too long, so as to avoid dough sticking.

2 :  Making the process of almond butter

First, stir A to micro fermentation, and add B to mix them well, and finally add C.

3 : Apple filling making:

Firstly, put the cream into the pot and heat it to melt.

Secondly, add the apple and stir it to make it cover with all cream.

Thirdly, cook with high heat until there at least 2mm of apple are fried,

then add brown sugar and lemon juice and continue to cook.

Finally, when the apples can stick together with each other, stop the fire and cool down.


Apple should be cleaned in advance, the size of the diced should be even.

When cooking, use a wooden shovel to keep stirring, so as to avoid the bottom coking,

the apple should be cooked, the less moisture inside the filling, the better.

Total process:

1. Remove the loosened dough and peel it off the thickness of 0.4 cm.

2. Place the dough on the container, and punch holes at the bottom.

3. Pour the prepared almond butter into the pan and smear it, add apple filling on the surface.

4. Place a cut strip of rest dough on top of the apple filling

5. Put it into the oven and bake at 200/180 °C for about 15 minutes,

   then bake at 150/140 °C for about 45 minutes.

6. Add a bit of fresh whipped cream with a little bit of brandy whipped in and enjoy.