Wholesale Foil Coffee Capsules Nespresso Compatible

wholesale aluminum foil coffee capsules

Wholesale Foil Coffee Capsules Nespresso Compatible

Aluminum foil coffee capsule is more and more popular now。

Convenient,saving time,eco-friendly

are the most advantages of foil coffee capsule.

foil capsules nespresso compatible

This year,Aikou has successfully on developed nespresso machine compatible foil capsules.

Through cooperation with various professional institutions,

R&D and testing again and again,

The problems of applicability,water leakage prevention and the heat sealing lid,

has been solved by Aikou.

Custom color and mass production have been achieved.

aluminum foil coffee capsule manufacturer

Aikou offers all the solutions on the issue of foil capsules,

to help coffee manufacturers switch from traditional plastic coffee capsules

to new aluminum foil coffee capsules,

or help one powerful business man to have a try on the new market.

Empty Foil Coffee Capsule Alu22

coffee capsulenespresso coffee capsule

empty coffee capsulenespresso compatible capsules


Top Out37mm
Top In30mm

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