How to be a baking expert?

How to be a baking expert?

1. Before cake baking

(1) Prepare all materials and tools

Preparation is very important.

You need to prepare all the ingredients and tools so that you can make cakes without a hitch.

Especially the baking operation goes without interruption.

The state of material will change if there is an interruption.

(2)Read through the recipe carefully

You can’t ignore this step, because it helps you to learn about the making process

as well as check the ingredients and tools whether prepared well or not.

(3) Weigh the ingredients correctly

Baking is an elaborate work. Even a little mistake can lead to failure,

so you must have an electronic scale to weigh the ingredients without error according to the recipe.

(4) Learn about your oven comprehensively

        Every oven has its property. Even the same oven has a subtle different in temperature.

You should know your oven’s temperature is higher

or lower in order to adjust the time advised by recipe flexibly.

In addition, you should also know how much time your oven needs to preheat,

which parts temperature is higher and where is the vent.

2. During the process of cake baking

(1) Keep the work environment clean and neat

 Some baking doesn’t need the high temperature,

which requires us to keep the kitchen counter scrupulously clean,

as well as the tools and ingredients. It not only can guarantee our health,

but also help us carry out the cake making steps more smoothly.

Just image, if the kitchen counter is in a mess and we can’t find the baking tools,

how can we make a good cake?

(2) Pay attention to temperature management

Many times, a tasty cake is half done if you control the temperature well.

You should know the suitable temperature for cake making and baking.

Further more, you should focus the temperature of every ingredients and cake storage.

(3) Have a strict sense of time

 Some operations needs to finish very quickly, some need longer time.

This factor plays an important role on cake baking.

Otherwise, you are unable to make a beautiful-outlook and tasty cake.

(4) Choose the right cake tools and ingredients

Maybe there are differences of the finished-cakes even you follow the same recipe as others.

This because you didn’t choose the right tools and ingredients recommended in the recipe.

The outlook and taste of the cake is not so bad if you follow the recipe as possible as you can.

After cake baking

(1) Find the reason of failure

Failure is just a small case; the more important is to summarize and get experience.

You can become excellent if you do a same thing for many times.

(2) Dont compromise and keep pursuing high standard

You should keep making until you are satisfied, and don’t make excuse like I don’t have baking talent.

You passion determines your level. Please bake cakes with a happy and grateful mentality.

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