Aluminum foil Take away fast food container

Aluminum foil Take away fast food container
Disposable take-out containers are essential supplies in almost

any food service establishment. AIKOU are the manufacturer

of different size and shape aluminum foil food containers.

If you want to find the some aluminum foil container

from large corrugated cake boxes to small tamper-evident deli containers, just contact us.

Whether you are looking the aluminum foil cake cups, disposable

foil jam, foil coffee capsule, aluminum togo box or aluminum

foil pizza pan for your catering business, we have you covered.

Our disposable food container is made from aluminum foil materials.

Due to the characteristics of aluminum foil, this kind of container perform

well in insulation and freshness preservation than the foam and plastic one.

They are the best choice eco-friendly options.

What’s more, the aluminum foil food container can meet with the

clear plastic cover, foil lid and heat sealing lid. All of them can ensure your

salads, mixed greens, fruits, and other foods stay fresh and uncontaminat

during transport or delivery. Best of all, we can help you to emboss

your company logo on the bottom or printing your brand on the lid.

If you want to know more details, fell free to contact us.
Our email: aikoualu@aikouchina.com
Our what’s app & phone:0086-18825445996
Written by Anna Aikou