Aluminum Foil Food Container-----The First Choice For The Greenism

In the context of growing environmental concern,

there are increasing demands for environment-friendly products.

Today, let’s talk something about the material for wrapping food.

Aluminum Foil Food Container vs Plastic Food Container

When it comes torecyclability, both aluminum foil food container and plastic food container can be recycled,

but in contrast, the rate of reuse of plastic food container is lower than aluminum foil food container

and it is more difficult to deal with. Besides that, there’s the question of pollution.

A lot of research has been conducted on the impact of plastic on theenvironment

and it goes without saying that packaging waste is a huge problem.

Plastic debris poses a huge threat to our eco system, filling and poisoning wildlife,

while aluminum foil food container meet the national food hygiene standards.

And recycling in the process of harmful substances and does not pollute the renewable resource.

Aluminum Foil Lunch Boxvs  Polystyrene Foam Food Container

What are the distinctive advantages between aluminum foil food container and polystyrene foam food container?

First, in terms of environmental issue, polystyrene foam food containercant be degraded,

it is one of the main causes of white pollution.

On the contrary, aluminum foil food containercan be ungraded so that it will not pose the threat to environment.  

As to the product appearance, polystyrene foam food container not only single and old-fashioned style.

Whereas aluminum foils food containers vary in style, color and size.

Why we choose aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil feature in outstanding barrier properties.

If you’re refrigerating something smelly, foil creates a stronger barrier to keep odors in.

Just be sure to seal as tightly as possible.

Foil is also ideal if you want to heat the food in a conventional oven or microwave oven,

since it is high temperature resistant material. And it wont release cooking odors and harmful substances.

Therefore, it is wise choice for people to buy aluminum foil products.