New Disposable Aluminum Foil Snacks Box For Fast Food Restaurant

Many of fast food restaurants launched different kinds of snacks box combo meal lately.

Like McDonald's, KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut.

So we know, snacks become more and more popular.

People love the big fast food no more, the small,

lovely and delicious snacks are substituting of them.

All of this snacks have one feature is refinement. Walking on the road,

holding a snacks box in hand, mouthful by mouthful to eat Popcorn Chicken.

How easy !

According to this trend, Aikou launches a new product for fast food restaurant use ----

Disposable aluminum foil snacks box.

Convenient size is the most feature, fit to fill a small portion Popcorn Chicken.

The sauce can also be package with a small disposable foil containers.

The foil snacks box looks can be customize,

fast food restaurant owner can print their logo on it.