Production process of aluminum foil container

With the development of economy and technology, people pay more and more attention to food safety.

Aluminum foil, as a kind of safe and eco-friendly material which can be recycled and used in a high degree,

will be the choice of green food packaging in the future.

Because of its easy to carry, aluminum foil container now has been widely used

in aviation food and large-scale activities of the food and beverage supply.

The rapid development of the food industry has put forward higher requirements

for the production process and industry standards.

How to select the lubricating products suitable for the production process of aluminum foil container,

to ensure a higher food safety and production efficiency, is becoming the focus of many aluminum foil enterprises.

How many process step in the production of aluminum foil container?

The production process of aluminum foil container can be roughly divided into 6 steps:

Spreading material

Add lubricant

Transfer material

Stamping forming



Aluminum foil in the production process by the pressure of up to 40-80 tons,

medium frequency 1 to 2 seconds, the average production capacity is 20 thousands per days.

What is the role of lubricants in this process?

In this process, the lubricant plays a very important role:

Rejection of heat, Cooling, Foil surface protection,

Protection of stamping equipment and mold rust,

corrosion and prevent aluminum foil surface bonding

(It is suitable for the aluminum foil which needs to be pre coated with lubricating oil).