How to use microwave oven to heat the food in foil container ?

All the time people are always arguing about

whether the aluminum foil container can be put into the microwave oven.

Some people said no, and it is too danger, they even took videos to authenticate them.

And some people said yes, they took videos to authenticate them too.

So why some aluminum foil container can be put into microwave oven and some can not be?

The answer lies the way they put it in the microwave oven. We should do as the following:

1. The aluminum foil container must be opened ;

The gas in the container will be swell when it heating,

so no matter what kinds of food container,

the lids must be took out when it heating in the microwave.

2. Put the foil container in the center of the microwave oven and keep away from the wall.

Because the wall inside of the microwave oven is make by metal,

once the foil container touch the wall when it is heating,

efficient thermal conductivity will increase the temperature of

aluminum foil food boxes quickly, and even spark.

3. Use one container per time;

The same reason as above, once the distance between the

aluminum foil container is too close,under the action of microwave,

it is easy to produce electric heating effect too.

4. Choose the right foil container;

The microwave safe aluminum foil container have a coating,

and some without coating can not be put in the microwave oven.

So when you buy foil containers you should better to ask the seller,

whether it can put into the microwave oven.