Fashion aluminum foil container for honey and jam

Fashion aluminum foil container for honey and jam

In the past, people used to take the traditional plastic cup to fill with honey and fruit jam.

In the same time, many people is annoyed about plastic cup.

The reasons are that plastic cup is not good for long time jam and honey storage.

Even plastic cup is not pollution-free and healthy food packaging.

And it will cause harmful chemical substances if we take plastic cup for microwave or oven.

In this situation, nowadays more and more honey and jam factories make a innovation.

They prefer to take our aluminum foil cup to take place of plastic cup.

Our high quality aluminum foil cup could solve the problems of plastic cup.

Below are our aluminum foil jam cup features for your reference.

1. Our aluminum foil jam cup is pollution-free and fashion.

They could be produced with various colors, like luxury gold, red and blue etc.

We could also print your colorful logo on the heat sealing aluminum foil lid.

2. Our aluminum foil cup could take a long time storage for honey and jam, and keep their natural favor.

3. Our aluminum foil cup is harmless during high temperature microwave or oven, and without any color fading.

Even it is suitable hardness for heat insulation, so it is very convenient for takeaway.

Our factory help many honey and jam clients to innovate and extend their business hand in hand.

We also accept custom specification for aluminum foil cup.

If you also have interest in our aluminum foil cup, welcome to contact us.

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Writing by Winnie