Introduction to commonly used baking tools

As a baking novice, in the face of a variety of baking tools, will inevitably feel overwhelmed.

Today we will introduce some frequently-used cake baking tools.

1. Scale

Weighing the weight of the ingredients, need to be placed on the horizontal table.

The traditional scale electronic scale price is cheap,

but more difficult to accurately measure the trace ingredients,

electronic scale in the operation is more convenient and accurate, weighing 1 grams to the lowest.

2. Measuring Spoon

Usually 1 groups of at least 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon TSP and 1/2 3 specifications,

1 tablespoon 15cc, 1 tsp 5cc, convenient for manual operation of weighing micro powder or liquid,

such as baking powder, flavor materials etc.. Stainless steel spoon is more practical,

can take hot water and lemon juice and other acidic materials.

3. Measuring Cup

1 cup standard capacity is 236cc, can take the flour or water, milk and other liquids,

general glass, aluminum, stainless steel and acrylic materials products,

when used in the horizontal view to accurately measure the weight.

4. Mixing Bowl

Mix the egg well in the container, usually in the use of stainless steel and glass products are high,

must choose a round bottom without dead corner of the basin,

in the operation is more convenient and practical.

5. Whipper

Stir and mix the ingredients. The most commonly used is melon (straight), spiral and electric egg beater.

Melon type mixer most widely used, can make eggs,

mix the material and whipped cream and cream, the more the number of wheel easy to send;

spiral mixer is suitable for egg and cream; electric mixer is the most time-saving.

6. Sieve

The utility model is mainly used for sieving the powder ingredients, and in addition,

the utility model is used for filtering the liquid to filter out impurities or bubbles,

and the finished product is fine and even.

7. Pastry Bag & Nozzle

The most commonly used to filling cream for dessert cake pastry decoration,

plastic and puffs, cookies and other production,

bakery fillings packing also use the flower extrusion bag to complete.

8. Round Pan

The use rate of cake model is the highest,

with the integral forming and separate chassis and die body movable model two,

a variety of sizes, materials are aluminum, stainless steel, paper and so on,

in addition to the cake, also made of frozen dessert bread, pastry,

but not suitable for holding paper with high water content snacks.

9. Loaf Pan

The strip shape model, suitable for the production of small pound cake,

toast and jelly, strip shape, Fried white radish Patty cake ice cream.

If you want to make a toast, there is also a special cover with a toast mold,

baked when you need to cover the lid to bake flat flat top toast.

10. Pie & Tart Pan

For a circular flat plate, in order to fill the pie fillings,

model side will have a certain height and the bottom of the vertical,

as in the release, also have movable model.

Pie is slightly smaller than the bottom area, forming one of the tray can be easily finished,

slightly inclined slide demoulding.

11. Baking Cup

The small capacity of the mould, suitable for small pastry baking cups,

Muffin Cake, baking cups can be discarded after use, beautiful and convenient,

also have aluminum foil or stainless steel baking cup can be reused,

and can be used as a metal baking cup jelly model.

12. Pudding & Jelly Cup

Model in order not to cause the loss of caramel in the pudding after the loss,

so the bottom of the flat design, and the jelly mold for crystal clear reflection effect,

usually have wavy grain, the shape change more than pudding model.