Notes on the baking of cupcakes

Baking a cupcake with baking cup, success rate is very high, so you can let go to bake, do not need to worry too much.

If you are a new baker, just pay attention to the following 4 points, you can easily avoid possible mistakes.

1. Sieve powder material

In addition to screening the powder material can be impurities, coarse particles removed, and let loose texture,

as well as the addition of a variety of powder materials cake, as well as the benefits of pre mixed material evenly.

This can shorten the mixing time of the batter, avoid the uneven baking powder or baking soda powder,

resulting in uneven expansion. If the powder material can be slightly mixed before the screen,

and then use the screen action to make the material fully mixed evenly,

so that the process can make the batter more easily and quickly completed.

2. Don't mix for a long time

Cupcakes are usually made of baking soda and baking soda to help the batter to ferment and expand,

since there is no natural fermentation for a long time.

If the excessive mixing, will make the limited expansion force is reduced,

while the batter will also make the expansion of the swelling more difficult.

Unable to expand the cake in the oven will show a contraction of the situation, the texture is very tight.

3. Butter must be softened or melted

Cream must be refrigerated storage, and just out of the refrigerator,

the texture of the cream is too hard to be too low, not only is not easy to mix with other materials,

and the temperature is too low to make oil and water compatibility more difficult,

so before the start of the butter must be processed to the appropriate state.

Different methods are suitable for different kinds of cream. Basic mixing is suitable for liquid cream,

so it is necessary to separate the water heating.

And other mixing law as long as the cream at room temperature can be fully softened,

you can cut into small pieces to shorten the softening time.

4. Do not fill over full

Cake batter will be inflated in the baking, filling in addition to pay attention to a high degree of consistency,

shape will be beautiful, can not be installed too full, up to no more than eight full of the principle.

Otherwise when the batter began to expand and the skin has not stereotypes,

too much batter will flow from around, rather than the normal upward development into a dome.

Not only does not look good, but also because the cup in the amount of batter,

baking time will be relatively long, so that the cake surface is too brittle.