Use a foil container to keep the perfect taste of salad

Salad is one of the favorite healthy foods,rich vitamins and reasonable protein,

can keep the health and prefect body.

But all we know, vitamins are prone to deterioration and it is difficult to keep fresh,

the fruits and vegetables in the salad are often oxidized when we have lunch,

I mean a man who take the salad to the office in the morning,and have it at lunch.

I recommend using Aikou disposable foil containers.

Safe and eco-friendly material:

Food grade 8011 aluminum foil,

FDA, SGS,TUV and ISO9001 certificated,

Make sure no contaminated to food.

Premium looks and design

Colorful looks and cutlery provide your favorite salads with the perfect visual presentation.

Lasts forever

All items can be put into your freezer or microwave without any risk of damage.

And aluminum foil material is better for freeze food storage.

For all occasions

The lids of our foil containers seal your food in tightly but can be opened easily.

This makes our foil containers the perfect solution for meals on the go wherever you go.

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