1. 1. I use AikouFoil aluminum foil baking cup (diameter: 85mm), which can be easily removed from the mold and has a high appearance. I can also use six or 12 models for muffin cake. 2. the height of the dough can be half of the cup, then squeeze on the cheese filling, and then cover a dough, the total height of two-thirds of the cup can, also grow higher when baking;

  2. AikouFoil produces wholesale types of aluminum foil baking cups and aluminum foil baking pans. These baking cups are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so they may be confused during the selection process. Sometimes don't know which styles are suitable for.

  3. So I usually use aluminum foil baking cup to bake cheese cupcake, do not have to worry about the shape, and it's very convenient.

  4. How to make the yummy creme brulee. Aluminum foil baking cup wholesale.

  5. Cookies and strawberry cupcake with chocolate decorated Alu35 Aikou aluminum foil baking cups China factory.

  6. HowtomakeMangomoussecakes?Firststep:Usea6inchroundcakemouldtobakethebottomofcake.Ifyoudon’twanttowashthemouldandmakeeverythingconveniently,youcanconsidertheAikoufoilbakingcupFollowingwearegoingtomake...

  7. The Attractive of Aluminum Foil Baking Cup

  8. The style of aluminum foil baking cup's lid

  9. How to bake a cookies and strawberry cupcake with Aikou aluminum foil baking cup.

  10. The introduce of disposable egg tart ramekins