1. Should I use capsule coffee? Capsule coffee is becoming more and more popular, but is it suitable for coffee lovers and coffee shops? You have to understand what the drinker needs, can you use the capsule machine? I have rolled out the capsule that high-quality goods coffee makes, can you buy a bill? Will this be one of the choices for the daily cup of coffee quota?

  2. China factory supply empty aluminum foil coffee capsules Nespresso compatible. Welcome to get cooperation

  3. There are many problems like fresh-keeping, foil lids heat-sealing, coffee capsule machine matching, also the question of yield rate. Luckily, AikouFoil has solved these related problems and formulated corresponding solutions.

  4. Do you still drinking stale instant coffee? How to keep the coffee fresh? Coffee bans VS Instant coffee VS Aluminum foil coffee capsule

  5. How To Use A Capsule Coffee Maker,writen by Aikou Desmond.

  6. What is difference between ESE Coffee Pods and Coffee Capsules

  7. The capsule coffee machine uses pre-pressed coffee capsules to complete the brewing process. The machine is simpler, but the single cup costs more.The machine does not need to adjust, the operation is simple, clean is easier.

  8. The feature and advantages of coffee capsules Nowadays, many coffee shops use a little pod to make a cup of coffee. The little pod called coffee capsule, it sounds like medicine.

  9. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, health and beauty of modern society,aluminum foil nespresso coffee capsule is more and more popularthan traditional plastic coffee capsule.