1. Aluminum foil has many advantages as a food container compared with other materials. First of all, aluminum foil can be very safe to contact with food, will not accommodate or help the growth of bacteria.

  2. Why aluminum foil containers become more and more popular? Disposable aluminum foil containers such as foil trays, pie pans, baking cups and take-out foodcontainers. All of them are ideal for convenience food products. On the point of convenience, performance, and recyclability, aluminum foil container may be is the best choose on the market.

  3. The application of different kinds of aluminum foil containers.

  4. Whether the foil container is microwave safe? For this question, we would like it to reply it seriously. Some aluminum foil containers can be put into the microwave, while some can not. This is because some aluminum foil was coated on both sides. For examples, the following two picture is about the foil container with the coating layer and the without one.

  5. Because of the improvement of living level & the pursuit of beauty,more and more people take colorful wrinkle aluminum foil container to instead of ordinary silver aluminum foil containers. Especially in Middle East country, colorful aluminum foil food containers are becoming a hot trend for takeaway food catering and Ramadan.

  6. Tips for using aluminum foil containers

  7. Standard for the production of aluminum foil containers

  8. The attitudes toward aluminum foil containers of customer

  9. More healthier food packaging, please try the aluminum foil food containers .

  10. The main factors affecting the heat sealing aluminum foil containers