1. With aluminum foil production process of continuous improvement, the aluminum foil because of its plasticity, safety and health, environmental protection and reuse the advantage of the features in the food packaging industry increasingly significant, the forming of aluminum foil pans more because of its convenience, portability is widely applied in aviation food and events catering supplies, got rapid development in recent years.

  2. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry, people's demand for aviation food is also rising. Due to the particularity of aviation food itself, the whole food material is very strict on the purchase, material selection and later inventory, processing, packaging requirements, in the attention to the nutritional value of food and shelf life, but also to pay attention to the safety of food.

  3. The coating material is a kind of food grade resin coating, transparent or white coating is attached to the aluminum foil by high-temperature coating, so as to isolate the aluminum foil from the air and avoid the blackening phenomenon of aluminum foil oxidation. Therefore, the major airlines are using such coated aluminum foil food container.

  4. Aluminum foil disposable container has excellent anti-oil and water performance, easy to recycle after disposal. This kind of packaging can reheat food quickly and keep the taste of food fresh.

  5. Roast chicken 1 (minced) 1 cup frozen peas 1 teaspoon of salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper 3 frozen dough pies 6 disposable aluminum foil mini pie baking pan (or ceramic baking bowls)

  6. Aluminum foil cupcake liners is a new kind of cupcake baking moulds. Compared to the traditional paper baking liners, it has the following advantages

  7. Should I use capsule coffee? Capsule coffee is becoming more and more popular, but is it suitable for coffee lovers and coffee shops? You have to understand what the drinker needs, can you use the capsule machine? I have rolled out the capsule that high-quality goods coffee makes, can you buy a bill? Will this be one of the choices for the daily cup of coffee quota?

  8. 1. I use AikouFoil aluminum foil baking cup (diameter: 85mm), which can be easily removed from the mold and has a high appearance. I can also use six or 12 models for muffin cake. 2. the height of the dough can be half of the cup, then squeeze on the cheese filling, and then cover a dough, the total height of two-thirds of the cup can, also grow higher when baking;

  9. Aikou brand aluminum foil airline container is high quality with most complete price.

  10. Disposable wrinkled foil cooking pot Alu12250 1920ML