Disposable Foil Cup to Steam Heart-shaped Water Chestnut Cake

Disposable Foil Cup to Steam Heart-shaped  Water Chestnut Cake

Material :

Sugar 200g

Water chestnut powder 250g

accessories clear water 1500ml

Several foil cups


1.Add 1000ml water into a small pot, put the slice sugar into the pot, heating to boil;

2.250g water chestnut powder was diluted with 500ml water;

3.Mix the hot sugar water and the water chestnut powder water, whisk well;

4.Pour the mixture into the heart-shaped foil cups;

5.Put them into the steamer, and steam it over high heat for 20 minutes;

6.Take out the water chestnut cupcake after cooling;

7.Turn the foil cups over to pour the cake out;