Why the aluminum baking tray can be put on the fire or into the oven?

Why the aluminum baking tray can be put on the fire or into the oven?

Theoriginal tin foil is made of tin raw materials which is softer than thealuminum foil. It will have some bad flavor when we use it for packaging food.However, the tin foil is not heated due to its low melting point (It will meltwhen the heating temperature is as high as 160℃)

Forpackaging purposes, if you need grilled food, you can't use tin foil when bakingfood.

Aluminumfoil , also known as tin foil, is very different to the tin foil.

Due tothe higher melting point ( the aluminum foil will melt when the temperatureabove 660℃)

It can beused for ordinary barbecue foods, baked goods, and even roasting turkey.

Why moreand more people prefer aluminum baking tray or aluminum foil roll for makingfood?

The aluminum foil or aluminum baking tray can prevents the food fromsticking during

the second is to prevent the food from sticking to the dirty things,

the third is to conveniently wash the tray

If we use the aluminum foil to wrap the foods, so the grill can be keptinside

to prevent water loss and keep it fresh.

If youwant to have a taste barbecue food, you can take the advantaged of aluminumfoil and aluminum baking tray to process food. Then they can be put in oven orfire.

Takeadvantage of the tin foil barbecue, Whatever seafood, meat, fish, orvegetables, their original flavor, colorful, soup and fragrant can be kept invery healthy, green and delicious!

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