How to make Mango mousse cakes?

How to make Mango mousse cakes?

First step: Use a 6 inch round cake mould to bake the bottom of cake. If you don’t want to wash the mould and make everything conveniently, you can consider the Aikou foil baking cup

Following we are going to make the bottom of cake:

①Pack the biscuits ( Oreo biscuits without the sandwich) by a fresh-keeping bag, chop them with a rolling pin and pour them into a large bowl.

②Mix the melted butter with biscuits thoroughly, then pour them into the mould.

③ Press it tightly with a spatula, and put it in the refrigerator for more than 30 minutes.

PS:The biscuits must be shredded, and the butter must be well mixed. Otherwise, the bottom of the biscuits will be spread when the biscuits are broken due to the inability of the butter to solidify the biscuits.

Second step: Making mousse

①Cut the mango into small pieces, and put 15g of milk into the cooking machine to make a mud

②Cut 3 pieces of gelatine into small pieces and soak them in cold water or ice water. This step can remove the astringency of gelatin.

③40g of fine sugar is poured into 60g of milk. After water cooking, add 3 pieces of gelatin tablets then stir until the gelatin Melt.

Pour into the mango puree and mix quickly with a spatula.

Beat the 200g cream into middle level whipped. Mixed them as once the Light cream is added to the mango purePay attention to the techniques when mixing, try not to let the light cream defoam. At this time, the mousse paste is very fluffy and delicate.

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