The advantages of the capsule coffee machine

The advantagesof the capsule coffee machine

The capsule coffee machine uses pre-pressed coffee capsules to completethe brewing process. The machine is simpler, but the single cup costs more.Themachine does not need to adjust, the operation is simple, clean is easier.

1.First of all, it must be suitable for the family.

Give yourself a drink, of course,with the best.

2.capsule coffee machine

Advantage: convenient, the priceis not high, make sure everyone drinks every cup of coffee fresh.

Disadvantages: the cost of coffee capsules is a littlehigh at present.

The reason: the capsules are individually wrapped,filled with nitrogen, and sealed with aluminum foil. Each cup is fresh.

So he's called space food, time capsule.Because he cantravel two years to the international space station.

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