Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

required ingredients

White sugar, eggs, flour, black chocolate, 225G, salt free butter, 100G, milk 5 tablespoon.

production methods

 1, eggs must be fully sent: 1825 minutes (depending on the temperature changes)

2, flour must be added slowly into the mix. Or hand mixing, mix well, excessive mixing will be defoaming. Cause the cake to be hard.

 3, do not add baking powder and cake foaming agent(otherwise it's not the real meaning of the crispy cake.)

 4, the mold must brush enough oil, the new mold is recommended to use margarine mixed salad oil, in order to facilitate the release.

5, the furnace temperature must be low. Not too high temperature.

6, when the product is too hot, try not to install bags immediately

choclate cake

1, chocolate chopped, milk, water heating, melting;

2 add salt free butter and stir until melted.

 A, a collection of materials -- milk, chocolate, salt free butter;  

 B, melted chocolate fudge;

C, two slices of cocoa Chiffon cake;

D, in a piece of chocolate fudge cake;  E, cover with another slice of cake, and the chocolate in the middle is adhesive;

F, while chocolate fudge is not solidified, the cake is surrounded with a layer of chocolate, if has solidified, go well under heating.

Is solidified, blowing coconut volume can be much in love coconut in surface and point up slightly, then placed in the refrigerator for several hours after that chocolate cake. It is easy to make uneven with a spoon. If you make a big cake, you can put the cake on the grill and pour the chocolate.